0.1mg~600t 测力传感器/称重传感器/扭矩传感器/气.液压力传感器/高精度配料控制器/毫克级传感器/方案解决
称重显示仪表 PT6500

称重显示仪表 PT6500

• 称重显示仪表

• PT6500是PT650D的升级版

• 具有高精度及快速的转换效果

• 传感器部分带断电防雷功能

• 三路标准光耦输入口,公斤/磅单位转换,峰/谷值保持功能,高低限位有滞后开关功能

• 适用于各种工业及商业用途的磅桥、斗秤、平台秤

• Weighing display instrument

• PT6500 is an upgraded version of PT650D

• High precision and fast conversion effect

• The sensor part has power failure and lightning protection function

• Three standard optocoupler input ports, kilogram/pound unit conversion, peak/valley value holding function, high and low limit with hysteresis switch function

• Weighing bridge, bucket scale, platform scale, etc. suitable for various industrial and commercial purposes


称重显示仪表 PT6500